Resident Artists

We acknowledge the contribution of the gifted theatre artists who have built this company through their quality performances, through their voluntary service, and by identifying The Human Race Theatre Company as their artistic home. To these artists, the company may extend an invitation to become a Resident Artist.
— From The Human Race Artistic Mission

Current Resident Artists

Christine Brunner

Jay Brunner

Deb Colvin-Tener

Jamie Cordes

Marya Spring Cordes

Bruce Cromer

Joe Deer

Sean Michael Flowers

Richard E. Hess

Scott Hunt

Alan Bomar Jones

Jennifer Joplin

Caitlin Larsen

Tim Lile

Patricia Linhart

Michael Kenwood Lippert

Kevin Moore

Katie Pees

John Rensel
Resident Lighting Designer

Scott Stoney

Scot Woolley

Resident Artists Emeriti

Kay Bosse

Brian B. Egbert-Crowe

Nuggie Libecap