Welcome to the world of theatre education at The Human Race!

Performing arts can be a lifelong passion, so The Human Race has gathered a collection of talented professional artists to create theatrical student experiences for childhood through adulthood. Our instructors are people who make their living doing what they love, and who seek to share their knowledge and experience with others. We offer a wide array of educational programs, including: a summer theatre camp; workshops for Girl Scout troops; private coaching; artists in residence; career days; job shadowing; and corporate training. Bring us your need – we will create the experience!

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Educational Principles

The Human Race Theatre has a responsibility to be actively involved in the education of our youth and the development of our community.

We understand that every child learns behavior by imitating others, problem solving by creating stories, social responsibility through team work and compassion and understanding through role-playing.

Our youth education programs nurture and stimulate children into becoming responsible, respectful, collaborative human being.

Active participation in the creation of art fosters an appreciation of art by others. As the children of today become our future audiences, we encourage our students to become informed, curious, adventurous audience members.

Students who are seriously interested in pursuing a career in theatre deserve the opportunity to train with disciplined, caring professionals in order to develop an attitude and the skills that are required to compete in professional theatre.

We look for opportunities to support academic institutions and theatre students by providing instruction by or internships with professional artists. We encourage the theatre faculty of these institutions to share their talents with the entire community and hone their skills by participating in the artistic activities of this company.

For theatre professionals, training continues throughout life, and many non-professionals look for an opportunity to explore untapped talents. Our education program provides opportunities for the adult beginner and the seasoned professional to pursue these experiences.