We provide impactful and mission-driven programming that is unique in our community.

Learning Principles

The Human Race Theatre has a responsibility to be actively involved in the artistic education and development of our community.

We believe that Arts Learning should be available to all people – all ages, circumstances, or background.  Our focus is on providing those opportunities to members of our community not served by traditional arts education avenues.

Active participation in the creation of art fosters an appreciation of art by others. As the children of today become our future audiences, we encourage students to become informed, curious, adventurous audience members.

Those who are seriously interested in pursuing a career in theatre deserve the opportunity to train with disciplined, caring professionals in order to develop an attitude and the skills that are required to compete in professional theatre.

We look for opportunities to support academic institutions and theatre students by providing paid internships with professional artists. We encourage the theatre faculty of these institutions to share their talents with the entire community and hone their skills by participating in the artistic activities of this company.

Ongoing Programs

As we re-open our spaces to the public and return to communal gathering, we will be reactivating our Engagement programs that include Shakespeare in the Schools and Stages & Stories playwrighting programs.


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