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Parents’ Day Out for the 23-24 Season!

You watch the show. We'll entertain the kids.

Last season, we started offering “Parents’ Day Out” experiences starting in December with Who’s Holiday, and kept it going for Barbecue and Indigo.

We are so pleased with the response, and many of you asked if it would return for our 38th year! Here it is: a season subscription package that you can plan ahead for those parent’s day out experiences, and know that your kids ages 5-12 are getting a quality theatre workshop while you enjoy the show! The workshop is included in the price of your ticket – just register your child and we’ll take care of the rest. Then everyone is home in time for dinner and bedtime.

For the 23-24 Season, here are your dates and times:

You get all the benefits and flexibility of a regular subscription, plus the added benefit of the workshop.  We know how hard you work as parents, and how much you’d like to do more things for you.  Now you can, and the kids will have a great time too!


We’ll see you at the theatre!