Established by supporters to help provide long-range financial stability for the organization, The Encore Society does not seek current gifts, but request that you consider including The Human Race in your long-range financial plans. By doing this now, you may be surprised to find tax planning can increase the value of your estate, enabling you to do more than you might ever have dreamed possible.

This special group of theatre enthusiasts believes in our mission and recognizes the cultural and educational significance of our work. They have already pledged their support to help insure we’ll be here to provide quality, insightful programming well into the future and invite you to join them in their efforts by becoming a member of The Encore Society today. And all you need do is let us know of your intention to include The Human Race in your estate planning for a gift of any size. We don’t need to know details, only that you care enough to become involved. Then you can be counted among the loyal members of this extraordinary group who will be leaving a lasting legacy for generations to come.

For information on how to join the Encore Society, contact Kappy Kilburn at (937) 461-3823 ext. 3112 or

Encore Society Members


Helen and Charles Abramovitz ††
Heather Bailey
Don and Lois Bigler
Barbara E. Blauman
Kay Bosse
Dr. Robert L. Brandt, Jr.
Karen Callahan
Mrs. Jean Cantelupe †
Erma R. Catterton †
Joan Fahringer †
Janet and Vernon Fernandes
Laura Fike
Larry S. Glickler
Lois and Jack† Goldberg

Marsha Hanna †
Linda and Steven Horenstein
Ray F. Jackson, Jr. †
Anne F. Johnson
Kenneth and Mimi Kuntz
Tim Lile
Dennis and Patricia Linhart
Sandy McConnel
Judy and Bill † McCormick
Barbara and Leo Meece††
Kevin Moore
Marcia Muller
Bobbie and Jack Myers

Barbara N. O’Hara
Charlotte Paugh
Karen Righter
Burt and Alice Saidel
Beth and Alan Schaeffer
Carol Siyahi Hicks
Michael Slade†
Scott Stoney
Mike Timmer
Paul and Susanne Weaver
Richard Royce Weidner†
Emalee Weisman †
Betsy and Lee† Whitney