What is the PLAYBOOK?

The PLAYBOOK is a handsome, pocket-sized program that outlines our Groundbreaking new season,  highlights our mission and engages our friends and fans to uncover the best Dayton has to offer through the lens of each of our productions.

From locally-owned businesses to regional activities, the PLAYBOOK connects the work we do on stage with local cultural opportunities.

How do I get a PLAYBOOK?

Come to a performance at The Loft Theatre. We have them placed throughout the lobby.

Keep your eyes peeled to social media as well (see below). We’ll be distributing PLAYBOOKS throughout Dayton.

The Gameboard

There is a gameboard in the middle of the PLAYBOOK, loaded with suggested activities: museums to explore, plays to see, restaurants to visit, and more!

For each activity you complete, we will stamp your gameboard. At the end of the season, we’ll reward the most ardent fans with prizes and general adoration.

How do I get my gameboard stamped?

Bring your PLAYBOOK to any show or event at The Loft Theatre and show us some proof (see below). Then we’ll stamp your gameboard. This is so easy!

What do you mean by proof?

The next time you attend a show or one of our events…

  • Show us a receipt
  • Pull out a ticket stub
  • Take a selfie of your experience and show us on your phone

Please tag #humanracetheatre on social media

Can you help spread the word about this awesome initiative? Whenever you share your PLAYBOOK experiences on social media, please tag #humanracetheatre

We’ll be (un)scientifically collecting and noting those tags. The more creative the tags, the more your chances increase to win something awesome at the end of the season.

Join our mailing list and follow us on social media for Partner Event details

There are a few wild card, Attend a Partner Event squares on the game board. As the season progresses, we’ll be defining and sharing those opportunities via email and social media. Don’t miss out!